Hey! As you’ve already probably guessed from the name of the blog- I’m Naomi. I have 20 years experience of attempting to be a well-functioning, well-articulated and well-normal human. I’m from North Wales originally and have lived in Cardiff since September 2015 when I moved here for University.Whilst I’d like to say that all of my juicy, embarrassing and bad-ass stories began in Cardiff, I’d be lying. I’m pretty sure I left the womb as a confused, curious and excitable human, charged to grab life by the balls. I honestly sometimes feel as if oxygen alone isn’t enough to keep me breathing, I’ll gasp and gasp for more knowledge, experiences, and adventure.

I study journalism, media, and culture at Cardiff University. This blog has in fact been set up for one of my assessments. As well as studying, I love to write both poetry and stories. It is a great aspiration of mine to one day publish a book, but for now, I can share some bits with you!

Due to personal experiences and the people in my life, I have had a great intrigue and interest in all LGBT+ topics. My brother and cousin are gay, my best friend is transgender, I have many friends which identify with a variety of gender and sexual identifications, and I am pansexual. I have been through ups and downs, and have helped others go through some difficult and confusing times in their life. Due to this, I hope to help those beyond my personal sphere through my writing, to give support, create a sense of hope and to make you feel proud of who you are! You can find some of my other articles on the My Uni Basics website about LGBT+ topics, and I hope that this blog can be another platform to achieve this.

I always love talking to new people, so don’t hesitate to contact and connect with me. Tell me your story; educate me. The more voices I hear, the better my writing can be, and the better my articles will be to help others. As well, if you need advice and/or support, or simply want to come out to somebody, don’t feel as if you are alone, I will always be a welcoming message away.

Let’s get intimate!